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    24 Hour Exercise Fundraiser for the MERU Charity

    November 1st, 2017 Posted by General 0 thoughts on “24 Hour Exercise Fundraiser for the MERU Charity”

    Our Media and IT Technician, Charlie May, will be taking part in a 24 hour team exercise event on the 11th of November to raise money for MERU. MERU designs and manufactures specialised equipment for children and young people with disabilities. Some children have disabilities so complex that no available equipment meets their needs. We use our design and engineering skills to custom-make exactly what each child needs. The goal for the event is to raise up £20,000 that would be enough to build 4 of these bespoke chairs for children that need them.

    Charlie and his team members will take it in turns to complete the following:

    1 mile run
    100 pull-ups
    200 press-ups
    300 squats
    1 mile run

    They will then tag the next team member and continue doing this for the duration of the 24 hours.

    More information can be seen here on the Just Giving page.

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