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    Land Acquisition

    We are always seeking new land opportunities, so if you believe you have something we may be interested in or would like to learn more about our process then please contact us.

    Our experienced Land Acquisition team is currently involved in a number of exciting new projects. Our comprehensive  knowledge of planning policy, land database and contact networks, we have the ability to source new opportunities and turn them into live developments.

    We have both planning and construction expertise so are capable of understanding financial viability and complexities of delivery for each opportunity site.

    We see our role in the development process as threefold:

    • To ensure the maximum return for the land by designing buildings which will be acceptable to the Planning Authorities because they enhance the appearance of the local area through creation of high quality, sustainable buildings.
    • To maintain relationships with adjacent owners and all stakeholders.
    • To deliver a good quality product, free from defects and conducive to requirements of the end user.

    We take great care throughout every stage of the development process – from acquiring the land, to securing planning permission, the building process, right through to landscaping the gardens, to ensure that our high standards are maintained.

    Our developments span from single detached houses in sumptuous surroundings, to larger developments in rural, suburban and urban areas. We also build town houses, apartments and studios.

    We will consider all opportunities, including:

    • Car dealerships
    • Former builders, timber and scrap yards
    • Petrol filling stations
    • Former office buildings
    • Warehouses and retail outlets
    • Public houses
    • Assemblies

    Contact Us:

    0203 824 4300

    Head Office

    83 Victoria Road
    Chislehurst,Kent, BR7 6DE
    0203 824 4300

    London Office

    17 Hanover Square
    Mayfair, London, W1S 1HU
    0203 824 4300

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