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    Spurstowe Terrace

    Project Details

    Location: Hackney, London
    Value: £6,500,000
    Programme Duration: 18 Months
    Client: Urbanista

     Project Details

    Groundwork has recently started at our Spurstowe Terrace development in Hackney E8, on a 24 unit scheme for our client, Urbanista. The site is flanked on two sides by existing residential and commercial buildings and the management team have had to work closely with the client in order to ‘resolve some challenging party wall conditions.

    Latest update:

    Works to the basement at Spurstowe Terrace have recently involved gas boilers and the main water tank  being fitted, along with the required pump system. The heating distribution pipework has been completed and the foul drainage connections are well on their way.

    The steel frame and composite concrete transfer deck has been completed from the ground floor to the first floor. The perimeter SIP’s have been completed from the first to the second floor and internal load-bearing walls are currently in the process of being erected.

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